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How to find a good job

There are three basic questions you need to answer before you really can start your search:

Who are you?
- Your personal attributes
- Yours social skills
- Your Management profile

What can you do?
- Functional skills
- Industry experience
- Management experience
- Other assets

What do you want?
- Self fulfilment needs
- Management or specialist career
- Economic considerations
- Location/way to work
- Locally/Travel/International
- Status

How to find the job that matches your above determined “Optimal Work Situation”?
- 70-80% of jobs are never advertised, so don’t rely on the ads
- Use your network of friends and tools like to get information and leads
- Make sure you are not running away from your current position, but is drawn towards the new
- Make a list over your 20 most attractive employers
- Make a list of 10 concrete positions you would like to have (often people dream of positions with combination of pay, location, responsibility, influence and work hours that don’t exist).
- In general, be realistic in your assessment of your own opportunities (if male), add a little self confidence (if female).


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