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Interview Tips

Improve Your Interview Performance

The interview will continue to be the primary method of selection. No matter how impressive your resume to date, a poor performance in the selection interview will threaten your chances of eventual success. Below are some suggestions which may help you to improve your interview performance.

Understanding the Purpose of the Interview

In every interview and no matter how junior or senior the position, the interviewer will be probing for the answers to three basic questions: Can you do the job? (Your skills, qualifications, experience). Will you do the job? (Your motivation, attitudes and career goals) Will you fit into the team? (Your cultural match). Also understand that most employers now recognise the link between past and future behaviour and so will be attempting to ascertain previous and current performance to answer the above. For most positions the interviewer will be drawn towards positive, likable people and so you should aim to project that image.

Preparation Will Give You the Edge

The more information you have about your market value and the prospective employer, the greater your likelihood of success. This is the first commandment because it's the most important. There's a wealth of information available on the Internet, at the public library and through professional associations and networking groups. Be clear about the exact time, date and place of the interview and the contact name and position.

Research into the organisation so that you know about its size, market sector, products and services, locations, recent growth and any recent headlines news concerning the organisation. Also, look for the specific information regarding your discipline. Review your own resume and have a clear understanding of your key responsibilities and achievements at your current and past employers.

Review your probable answers to likely questions in the interview. Your goal should be to provide answers that are "tailored to the positions and paint the picture of you being positive and with the potential to add value.

Bearing in mind the "can you, will you, culture" scenario likely questions could include:

  • Tell me about yourself? 
  • What value have you added to your current employer? 
  • Tell me about your greatest problem at work. How did you solve it?

What are the characteristics of a good ("whatever the job you are applying for") Do you have those characteristics? Give examples. What are your career goals? How will you achieve them? Describe the environment in which you would wish to work. Interviews are a two-way process and you must be able to gather information about the company to make an informed decision. Review the questions you wish to ask the interviewer.

Good Presentation is Vital

First impressions count, so ensure you are well groomed and that your clothes reflect the business image you wish to project.

Improve your Technique

Never lie, but use the truth to your advantage. It’s not only wrong to lie, but in employment negotiations, it's ineffective. If you lie during negotiations, sooner or later you're likely to be caught. Once you are, even if you don't lose the offer, you'll be at a tremendous disadvantage, and your credibility will always be suspect. On the other hand, total candour won't be rewarded. You're under no obligation to blurt out everything you know. You can determine what you want to say and how you want to say it, and try to put everything


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